Getting out for my run today was hard. Harder than usual. This might have been due to the fact that I forgot to plan/do recovery week … but let me start at the beginning …

It was Friday morning and I had completely forgotten to check the news before heading out for my run. I just didn’t … and I didn’t when I came back. Clients called and work completely took over .. until shortly before noon. Fortunately I had gotten most of the important stuff out of my way when I answered the phone and one of my UK clients brought me the news.

I was shocked. Not so much by the fact that I had forgotten to check the news, but how the vote turned out. Yes … indeed … the remain bubble had burst and I don’t want to go into this here on my blog. What’s this got to do with running? The news completely zapped my energy and spirits. I did want to go out for a run and just go crazy, but I didn’t … I knew better than to let my mood take over and risk injury. To my surprise Saturday I woke up and didn’t feel like running … I checked my calendar and realized I had forgotten recovery week. I also felt bad. Partly because of the news and probably also partly because I was on a high fatigue level due to being close to recovery week as well as having had an increased work load. So I didn’t go for a run … for the whole weekend … and I took some time to feel bad about the brexit.

And you know, I think that is just what I needed. My Saturday was filled with switching between watching Bob Ross draw happy little trees and news/reports about the Brexit to try and understand.

Today getting out was harder than usual. However, since I had listened to my body and given it a bit of a time out, I knew I could ask to get me going again. Worst case I would just go to the beach (5 minute walk) and back … that ain’t hard .. is what I told myself. (Lying to myself is my top self motivation hack!).

While it wasn’t the best run I ever had, it was good to be out there. Good to get into my routine again. The sun on my skin and the dogs playing in the sea make it all relative. I run for a reason and I want to keep doing it. It makes this crazy life OK most of the time and like a grand adventure other times.

Listening is hard. Especially listening to my body. I feel that I learned to be a bit better at this over the past year and now it doesn’t take a full blown injury to make me listen, but a slight feeling. Then if I give in, a little bit, I can keep going on with renewed spirits.

8 Replies to “Listening”

  1. I thought about you on Saturday morning when I didn’t see your regular post, wondering if you might be ill or something. I like your little run hack of just 5 minutes… what a great way to get out there just to see how it feels.


  2. I cried… I’m not even English so couldn’t vote… I’m dual nat Dutch/South African… this is my adopted country, yet I couldn’t have felt more alien in the office in Friday… so I can imagine how you felt.
    I worried too about you, you know… Blog ‘family’ is s funny old thing… Pleased you listened to your body and had a good rest…
    Take care xxx


  3. Completely my feeling as well… It’s really affected my running too! Not that I think that that should matter a jot to the rest of the world, but it’s comforting to find someone else who has felt physically affected by Brexit. I’ve been feeling very low and unresolved ever since Friday, bursting into tears on the slightest pretext, giving up on my long run half way through on Sunday despite feeling pretty good, and not getting the same jolt of good feedback after exercise. Funny how the body and the world can inform each other. Now to grieve and then to turn around and start fighting.


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