Easy running gets faster and harder

I’ve observed quite some changes over the last couple of weeks. After warming up (~15 minutes walking) I used to get my heart rate up quite quickly to the 144 range and was struggling to keep it low as well as having to walk in between. Now it feels like ages until it moves over 130 (probably 5 minutes) and running at 144 feels like work. Not hard work, but the kind of work Michael Csikszentmihalyi describes in his book “Flow”. It’s demanding and full-filling, producing a state of flow. It’s not hard, I don’t feel I am powering down the beach, it’s really more like flowing. It however seems to still tax my system and provoke change.

Today’s run was an easy run. I do 3 of those per week. Their purpose is to help my body recover and repair. Afterwards I don’t want to stop and go home, I want to keep on running, but I don’t. I just keep this feeling and stash it away until the next day at 5am. Having it there, helps me to go to bed early and look forward to my morning runs.

Oh and yes I nearly forgot! I am also getting faster at the same low heart rate. Hoping to get in another MAF test soon to proof it, but my soft sand pace is now at a steady 9 min/km. Is my cadence improving? Only if I run downhills … so no … but I will figure it out eventually, maybe I just need to get even fitter!

16 Replies to “Easy running gets faster and harder”

  1. Flow is such a good word for it. Do you try and run exactly at 144 no matter the terrain. As soon as I reach climbs heartrate rockets but I don’t necessarily want to walk them


      1. I try and run not higher than 144. I walk if it goes higher (most of the time). I don’t luke walking either, but on the easy days I know is better to stick to it. I do then allow for excuses during the medium days. However … this I try constrain to 20% of the time. Studies and everything suggests this is the best approach. It has gotten much better though and I can run much more than before.


      2. I keep forgetting the discipline part of it. It was hard to curb old habits today even though I know what I should be doing, I’ll learn!


  2. I do admire your resilience and persistence with the running! Getting up at 5am seems like torture to me. But of course on polling day in the EU referendum I got up at 4.30am as I had so much to organise. And I normally roll out of bed at 9.30 am so it just shows if you are motivated you can counter that desire to stay in bed. You seem to be making great progress with the running so keep at it!


    1. I admire how active your were in relation to the referendum! I’m so gutted…
      I suppose it’s just about what we set our mind to do and as you said motivation – what we make a priority. I might not get faster overnight and your work might not have changed the result of the vote. It still makes a difference.


  3. I think the ‘flow ‘ thing is really important because it’s also the enjoyment and satisfaction. I’ve got that from slow running – I’d lost it when I was marathon training when I was pushing all the time to get the miles done and try to do them faster. I know what you mean too about having something in the bag for tomorrow. I’m so glad that I tried this but I don’t think that I would have stuck with it without your encouragement! I’d have been tempted to run faster😊 It’s really encouraging too that you are improving – I’m hoping that that is my future😊


    1. I am always tempted to run faster too 🙂 we just need to find more down hills! (Had too much fun this week and completely forgotten it’s recovery week lol, so now I am not running this weekend). I think the improvements are so tiny they are invisible over the course of 2 weeks. But months make a huge difference. I hope to post more graphs soon, but I am just flooded with work … even on weekends right now.


      1. No worries – blogging is for fun you don’t have a deadline!!! Like you say the improvements are small but they keep adding up😊 More data is better in my view.


      2. No worries – blogging is for fun you don’t have a deadline!!! Like you say the improvements are small but they keep adding up😊 More data is better in my view. I can wait for quality!


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