40 easy drizzle minutes

Today’s run started dry and with the smell of freshly washed sea air. The Dublin mountains were clearly visible in the distance. I tried to mixed it up and see if my cadence would increase with a different type of music. On today’s list: Fantasy Death Metal or whatever that genre is called.

It made for an entertaining run until I got to the end of the beach and the end of my Internet connection … I fiddled with the tech until I got too cold and headed back listening to an audio book I had on my phone already …  needless to say my cadence suffered again.

I need to remember to top up my Internet flat on time as it is crucial that I can be reached by phone … which won’t work if there is no connection doh! Fortunately it was early enough and I was only out for a quick run.

When I turned back it also started to drizzle and the wind came. Now while I am behind my desk the sun is shining! I wonder when the hail starts … four seasons in a day is so true for Ireland.

6 Replies to “40 easy drizzle minutes”

  1. Consider yourself lucky, we’ve had non stop rain for 24 hours now on our side! Fantasy death metal eh ….. sounds interesting. I freely admit to being a thrash kid way back when but not death :p


  2. Fantasy death metal! Did you recognize any of the songs? That really would be interesting to listen to while running, although I’m not sure I could get my feet moving that fast. Great picture of the sea! So calming to look at.


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