Smaller steps – no increase in cadence

I didn’t have a lot of time today, so I only got in an easy rainy 50 minute run. I tried taking it real easy and take smaller steps to see if this changes my cadence. My average heart rate was 141 and in the first 20 minutes it didn’t even reach 140. My watch told me afterwards that I did take smaller steps, but the cadence was still as low as ever. I might need to include hills to get it higher!

I also came across this sign … which was struck down by debris … if only someone had warned it!



I’ve also come up with a plan in regards to the expedition to The Chimney, more on that perhaps tomorrow, when I don’t have clients breathing fire in my neck!

15 Replies to “Smaller steps – no increase in cadence”

  1. Damn your clients and livelihood, citizens demand chimneys lol on a more serious note im finding it hard to keep the pace slow without feeling like im hardly picking my feet up off the floor. So smaller steps higher cadence is the answer maybe


      1. Nice! I’m considering getting this one (despite my most recent blog post about keeping my old Garmin Forerunner 350). My current one is so old and although I planned on keeping it, it takes FOREVER to “locate satellites” and the band is partially broken. Does yours take a long time to “locate satellites”?


      2. I have the 350 as well … such a bulk! I don’t notice it looking for satellites to be honest, nothing compared to the 350. It took a bit till I got it to work for me. I.e. it likes my right arm better etc. I didn’t want notifications on my watch, so I didn’t need the current model. I also don’t use the normal tracking mode, but I tested it and it works OK. I only use it for running. I noticed heart rate spikes in the first minutes of the run and blamed the watch, it was however just my improper warm up. What I love about it is that I can configure my workouts and plan/schedule them in advance via browser, sync it (only via windows though) and then not worry about it. I set it to vibrate if my HR goes to high and otherwise it leaves my alone. Let me know if you have any questions around it!


  2. Hmmm, now I’m going to have to go back to look at my data and see if I can figure what my cadence is… is this an important thing? Do I want a high cadence?

    But hey… how wonderful is that you said “easy 50 minute run?!” I’m definitely having a cheers in your honour tonight!! 😀


    1. Maybe cadence is just something to occupy a slow runner’s mind. Maybe a higher cadence means less ground contact time, less injury risk and smoother running. I notice i.e. that if I try and run with higher cadence, I run more on the front of foot. My goal is to make the running more efficient through little changes. Doing it a lot helps with it. There also isn’t much I can play with. Speed will be automatically faster if I keep running, so what I can work on is getting lighter feet and running smoother.
      It really is easy to run for that time ; no pun intended.


      1. Oh I absolutely know it was an easy run for you. That’s what I meant… you’re reaping the benefits of all your hard work!! I think it’s awesome!! 😀
        And what you say about the cadence stuff makes total sense to become a more efficient runner! That’s why I want to check it out! I think you’re definitely doing it right!! 😉


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