Inside the Cave – the secret is out!

A while ago I discovered a hidden cave on my beach and we’ve all had a lot of fun trying to figure out what is inside in part II and part III.
I can’t go any further, as it’s guarded by spiders and I don’t carry my cat around with me on my run to defend me, however I still wanted to know the story and how it looks inside, maybe you are curious too?
Here is what I found out:
It starts before 1800, when prospectors followed a mineral rich line from the seashore at my beach to a remote valley and it includes the rise and fall of a mining corporation. The cave seems to be connected to one of Dublin’s landmarks – the Chimney – which is on one of the hills I want to be conquering this summer.
So that’s it? It’s an old mining tunnel/outlet?
It gets better than that:

In the early 20th century, “my cave” was the home of a mysterious hermit who slept in a hammock!

Some say that he was and Italian, some a veteran of the Boer War, others of the Great War; others that he was an eccentric member of a rich family living up the hill. He was known as ‘Decco’, and the cave is now known as ‘Decco’s Cave’. Decco had a habit of chasing marauding infant intruders up the beach with an axe!

Inside the man cave

Another rumor back from Decco’s times, is that the cave is the home of flesh-eating bandits …

Of course now everyone wants to know what is inside? Thankfully I don’t have to fight my way through the spiders and others on the Internet have done the work for us:

Now in case you are still reading – thanks! I am starting to like discovering interesting places during my runs and find out things about them. I like to check out the chimney next as that seems the logic consequence … I discovered a cave and that leads to a chimney, it makes perfect sense to me.

18 Replies to “Inside the Cave – the secret is out!”

    1. Those guys are insane! However it is super exciting. I wonder what else I’ll discover 🙂
      The Chimney might be in next weekend’s episode, it look far away, but if people were able to dig their way through rocks I shall be able to sloggle there!


  1. Flesh eating bandits! Better than I could have ever hoped for! I think you should explore yourself! So we’re looking for a chimney? Wait – guess what I found exactly the other side of the Irish sea this morning! (No seriously go check out my last post :p)


      1. Give me a heads up then, when you take your kajak and hop over with your cat on your head. Then I might be able to sum up the courage to stay on the beach holding watch, while you do the cave man cat fight thing! I make the video as well 😀


  2. Love the video – how kind of those guys to post it to save you the bother of going in! They sounded a little bit scared to me. Like a modern day hansel and gretel – but they really should have taken their own breadcrumbs!


  3. OH WOW!!!! love it! so interesting! i didn’t watch the whole video (getting stares here in the off 😛 ) but oh wow! so keel…. and right there on your beach!!!


    1. Cool isn’t it? I am quite excited about it lol. Now I need to discover more. There are so many ruins and caves and castles here and now as I am fitter I can reach them more easily 😀


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