Cave Exploration Part III

It was a damp foggy morning today when I took off for my usual medium long run. Usually I can see the Dublin mountains in the background. Today not even the nearest hill. Perfect setting for some more cave exploring!

I was careful to look out for signs, like paw prints or anything suspicious. I found the guardian of the cave, keeping his watch – but the fog was on my side! I could sneak past him undetected.


I then came across the first line of defense:


So far so good. I proceeded to the cave which is hidden behind rocks:


Undetected I climbed to the entry … and found the last line of defense:


I took a quick last photo before I ran out and continued today’s run. You can see that the cave continues inside and seems to lead upwards.



12 Replies to “Cave Exploration Part III”

  1. Arghhhh the tension is becoming unbearable! Thats a pretty mean looking guardian – Be careful! MIsty morning run looks awesome, so jealous!


  2. Wow it sure was foggy! I’m glad you were able to make it past all the lines of defense! I noticed the rocks on either side inside the entrance to the cave seem to be quite colorful, different shades of blues and grays and rusts and tans. Is that some sort of graffiti to the left of the white door?


    1. It is graffiti indeed. Possibly the sign of someone who claims it as his man cave? It is a spectacular area and the colors are stunning. Maybe it is still some left over metals from the mine?


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