93%! Really?

No this isn’t heart rate max or something it’s humidity! Yes you read right. What is the bane of the slow runner? 93% humidity …

I certainly have never ever been as soaked without rain before, while running slow and easy.

I might need a plan if this crazy weather continues. Other than that, it was quite pleasant, but I miss the sun. Right now the sun looks more like the moon and the sea like a swamp.

Did I move to Louisiana over night and didn’t notice? Hope you are all hanging in there!

8 Replies to “93%! Really?”

  1. We had mist today too, but I didn’t go out until it cleared. Great thunderstorms last night though! Glad of the rain. My son has (yr7) exams today so at least he shouldn’t be troubled by hay fever. Hope the weather cleared for you too😊


    1. It’s still the same here. There is even fog over the trees … wonder when the storms will hit – hopefully not tomorrow as I kinda promised Gareth to get more cave Intel! Hope your son is doing well in the exams 🙂


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