Hilly Tuesday

Did a quick 1 hour easy hill run as I had to get back early to get some work done.

In the last 10 minutes I completely ignored the watch and just had fun with going a bit faster than usual. I only had 1 hour, so I can just as well get used to including some speedier sections and if I start including some speed, I can’t run as long – perfect fit! I also ran up parts of the hill trying to see how fast my feet could move … my feet aren’t actually the issue I realized, more my arms. I bet if I had faster arms, I could run up hills faster as well!

There is also news in regards to the cave! The door seems to be metal – more like a cage door, than a cave door. I also noticed animal tracks in front! Didn’t go in as I had no time today.


14 Replies to “Hilly Tuesday”

  1. I can comment from mobile! Hooooot! Anyway sounds like a good run, as for the arms I find going uphill keep the motions shorter. On downhills flail around like you’re swatting a swarm of enraged bees :p also how big are the animal tracks…. Could be beach badgers!


    1. Yay for commenting on mobile! No idea what changed though … I will try your uphill arm technique and avoid the downhill one πŸ˜€ the tracks could be from a lion, judging the size of it. No lions in Ireland though.


      1. Flailing is fun, if you’re trying to impress I suppose you could call it windmilling. If you combine it with screams and shouts of brake you bastard brake you get some admiring looks lol Ahhhh no lions but there could be pumas!


  2. Love the picture, framing your seascape with flowers! Is beach badger a euphemism?😊 I wouldn’t go in there if there are animals……


  3. Faster arms! I’ve often thought that too! I think my arms get more tired than my legs sometimes, πŸ˜‰
    Metal door, animal tracks, feet the size of a lion, possibly a badger… hmmmm… scary!!


    1. Yes! Maybe it’s all in the arms!

      Well keep in mind I never have met a lion … I might not be an expert on lion paw print patterns! Right now I think it might be homeless shelter … so I am uncovering more evidence before I do anything else.


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