Good morning everyone!

Just back from today’s easy 40 minute run and while the weather was a bit weird, quite damp – a storm must be around the corner, I averaged a heart rate of 142 at a 9:09 min/km pace. That is quite an improvement from my usual “soft sand” pace and I am quite pleased with it.

So pleased in fact, that I even consider continuing with the slowness for at least another week and not switching to 80/20 for a bit officially (if it happens it happens though). On another note: the sea did some weird sorting with the pebbles and there was no real nice path, so I went over to the fields/dunes after 20 minutes, which is always a nice treat:


Enjoy your week!

6 Replies to “Faster”

    1. I didn’t have one for a while and used my breathing as indicator. If I breathe in only through my nose it means I run easy. It’s not about the heart rate, it’s about running slow enough to reap the benefits.


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