Cave Exploration Part II

I recently discovered a hidden cave on my beach and we all were speculating what it might be hiding! In the end I was convinced that I need to collect more evidence, so we can make an executive decision onย  how to proceed! I’ve tried before, but the entry was guarded. The cave can’t be reached (conveniently) while the tide is up, so we all had to wait.

Today was the day I decided! No one else on the beach – at least no one visible – and perfect tide. I leave the speculations up to you, but note the emergency colored pack to the left:


The cave is awkward … the door was definitely open. While we decide how to continue this “story” … I decided I will have to become much stronger – just in case.

I have never been to a gym … and I don’t think the cave leads to a gym, so I am doing the next best thing:

Climb stairs …

… more stairs …
… and up the hill leading to more stairs …


Hey … I am not complaining! I can – at any point – turn around and go back to this:


Which I did after having climbed 92 meters (don’t laugh this is a mountain in Ireland) and as a treat for averaging 144 despite all the stairs, I went into the sea to cool off my feet.

What adventures are you up to today? What do you think is inside the cave?

30 Replies to “Cave Exploration Part II”

  1. What a tease!!! No cave information whatsoever!!!!! Lovely sea view๐Ÿ™‚ Still want to know what’s in the cave. The fact that it has a door makes it more mysterious ….. You don’t want to get shut in….. Do you need a friend to keep lookout?


      1. No plans, but if I am I will let you know I’m coming!! Bags being the one who stands outside to keep watch๐Ÿ˜‰ Bit concerned about the rocks though, if they have fallen on the inside that could be very dangerous.


  2. Wow wow! All those stairs your ran! You have access to such a cool running “path!” Do you have to drive to get to the beach? That cave… it brings out the explorer in one, doesn’t it! It’s kind of fascinating about the door or gate… is it wood? Could it be part of an underwater castle or fort? The opening looks scary small though. (I’m loving your little mystery game) When the tide comes in, does the cave fill up? ๐Ÿ˜€


    1. I wouldn’t say I “ran” the stairs – that would be a dream though … all under 144 heart rate. Then I’d be probably ready to race!
      Fortunately I only have to walk 5 minutes to get to the beach ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t think I could drive a car in the early morning hours when my brain isn’t switched on from running.
      I am not sure what the gate is made out of! Good question. Initially I wasn’t sure if the entry could be submerged, now I do think it will stay dry as it leads up to the entry. We can see from the white of the stones (better in the very first picture of the initial post), how high the tide comes.
      I might have to look there more often to see if the door is ever closed. It could be the secret entry/exit of one of the rich living up on the hill, but it does look more trashy … there is a graffiti sign on the left metal part of the door frame …


  3. Smugglers! It could be rum =) The door is definitely intriguing. When you do venture is (as you surely will) Monitor your heart rate, I bet it goes nuts :p


      1. Yep reader then there didnt seem a way to your blog and the bit saying “this was first posted on….” wasn’t there


  4. Wow what beautiful scenery and a LOT of stairs!!! That cave is quite a mysterious find…I read your other post about such interesting info and history…yes you must continue to discover and investigate new spots and then post about them..Love reading about them! ๐Ÿ™‚


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