I ran a mile!

Well actually more than that of course, as I had 1 hour to slowly run around. However, since the tide is in at the moment, I can’t go to the beach and explore hidden caves, therefore I went to the local park.

While the grass was mowed recently it was still a bit too wet before 6 in the morning, but the sun was shining and the track looked astonishingly quite pleasant! Now I usually avoid the track and rather run around the grass fields, but not today!

I’m doing recovery week this week and therefore have too much energy and just knew I couldn’t keep myself slow enough if I take to the fields (so the wetness would not matter). The track is just some dirt, but it is nicer to run on than on the park roads. I also sometimes really like switching my brain off, which indeed happened and I breezed around the track for quite a bit until I realized I only had one hour and went on my way back.

When I came home I realized via Strava, I had run a mile! Strava records the weirdest things, especially segments others frequently run. I usually run kilometers, as I am a metric person, but there is a 1 mile segment for this track. Now I have a mile time for my (nearly) MAF pace which is 14:33. It was at an average heart-rate of 145. I just have to be more consistent … I also have a new MAF PR for 5k which is 43:58.

Oh somehow I start to love recovery week!

Btw. if anyone is curious, I also created a page for my general formula/plan and it includes an excel file for download that I used to calculate/structure my training.

P.S.: Gareth I hope this displays now fully on the reader.

10 Replies to “I ran a mile!”

  1. I can read it now but alas there’s no comment ability in reader now (the like option is still there) Looks like a beautiful day, I better get my ass out of bed! Its kinda handy having a mobile weather station just over the sea :p


    1. The workaround for the comments via the reader could be a special link to comments page … would not know another way.

      It’s beautiful and not too warm yet! I can recommend enjoying this perfect day to the fullest!


  2. I liked the article for new runners! I was feeling tempted to go again today, but after 4 days I’m going to force myself to take a rest day, reminded of the need to do so by your article! Your 14 mins per mile is good for a slow run. Mine was about 16 yesterday, creeping up to 18 by mile 5. I’m thinking that I might celebrate the end of my 3months by doing a park run and ‘letting myself go’ lol๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†


      1. Yes! Probably worth rereading as I’m likely to get more out of it if a. I have lost some body fat and b. I have a better aerobic base! That might be phase 2……


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