Easy 40 minutes

Another 40 minutes easy done. It is still harder to run at 144 than previously. I think I read in some book that this is supposed to happen. Need to find that spot/book – then it might make more sense to me. The pattern also continues and I wonder what it will look like next week … though I might not get to run on the beach because of the tide!


I didn’t make it into the cave I had discovered yesterday. The entry was blocked by a human practising yoga and guarded by a dog! I will try again another day – stay tuned!

6 Replies to “Easy 40 minutes”

  1. When you say harder, do you mean that it takes more effort? You have voiced something that has been niggling with me😊 It used to be so easy on the elliptical trainer to keep my HR at 120 but now I feel like I’m pushing myself harder to stay in the zone. In my mind I have been thinking ‘oh no, I’m losing fitness because this used to be easy’ but maybe it’s the other way around that because I’m fitter I need to work harder to get my HR up. Obviously I could answer this question if I could demonstrate more or less ‘work done’ at that HR but I haven’t got any consistent data to review. I’ve started to note the distance covered for the ‘time in zone’ but all the times are different etc. I could work out an average speed from that I suppose, but I really need to sort myself out with a standard MAF test that I can repeat😊

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    1. Did you try the free Strava app and using regular segments to compare your paces at the specific heart rate? It helps me hugely and is quite motivating. You can sync it automatically from your Garmin – just need to make sure that you set your privacy settings correct.

      I am sure I read that it means we get fitter. I will look through the books and write a summary post on it with references etc. Since I now at least consistently try to stick to my defined heart rate, I can really compare efforts per day/week/month. I suppose if I compare the effort, 2-3 months ago I wasn’t even sweating and it didn’t even feel like running, more like meditating along the beach in a super slow motion. If I lost focus, I’d speed up too much. Now it doesn’t feel like a recovery run and if I don’t focus I might end up running too slow!


      1. I had strava once but deleted it- I felt like I was going around in circles with so many apps and I wanted all my data in one place so now I just stick to connect, my fitness pal and my fit bit. I downloaded training peaks but couldn’t link it to garmin- think that I may need to go on a desktop not just use my phone. At the moment I’m mainly in the gym, not running outdoors so not any opportunities for pace based apps!

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