Rest then Run

I didn’t go for a run yesterday. My resting heart rate was higher than normal and I didn’t feel like it. So I checked my TSB (Training Stress Balance) and surely it wasn’t just my demon of laziness talking. I had increased over the past two weeks and probably my body needed a bit of time to repair and build. Anyhow … I paid for it later in the day, when I had way too much energy … well at least the laundry got done and all my old – way too big – clothes are gone!

Today my resting heart rate was good again and despite the sun not making an appearance it was a pleasant run. I did only 40 minutes, don’t want to risk anything lol.

I did notice a couple of things:

  • it took me much longer than usual to get warmed up – not sure how much time, but I had to walk probably at least 500 meters more
  • there is funny pattern emerging on my strava segments, it looks like every week I get faster by the end of the week (it is quite consistent over 107 runs I did on this segment). The blue dots are the duration it takes me to run the segment and each dot is a different day:



  • I also discovered the entry to a cave


Where do you think it leads to? The door was open today … (Googling the answer does not count, I have no clue myself yet).

18 Replies to “Rest then Run”

    1. Not sure … possibly. The stones are white up to the point where the high tide goes. The door is probably not emerged, possibly the entry though. The secret entry to Enya’s castle?


      1. That is what I figured! They feast on nudists and slow runners, as well as teenager camping there. Only happens at dusk though … maybe I should stop playing survival games …


  1. oooooh LOVE a secret cave! When we lived in Cape Town, hubby (then BF) and i with friends, used to go down to some caves we found and camp there. He used to surf early in the morning… ahh those were the days!
    KEWL cave…
    i LOVE that you have graphs and stuff… i wouldn’t know how to start and Excel Spreadsheet! I could illustrate one for you in Photoshop *lol*

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  2. How interesting is your weekly pattern! Are you one of those people who always gives 100%? 10%monday, 20%tuesday etc ? (Joke)πŸ˜†πŸ˜† did you go in the cave? Any skeletons or treasure?? Everyone else has made sensible comments but my only cultural reference here is scooby doo!

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    1. Maybe it is my lack of alcohol drinking during the week? The higher the hydration the lower the heartrate?
      I didn’t go in the cave. What if there is something terrible and I have to run away sticking to the low heart rate screaming ‘slow down I am in zone 3’!

      But then … maybe I should I go into the cave?

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      1. Mmm I can’t offer an opinion as to whether you should go into the cave without peeping into it firstπŸ˜†πŸ˜† but we don’t want to get your heart racing (well not like that)😊 I think that alcohol affects me too re weight and energy so I try to keep away from it much of the time!just 1 or 2 glasses per week. Hubs and I can’t believe how we get through a bottle of wine every night when we are on holiday – and we feel fine !!!

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  3. Hey Slowerrunnergirl…I went for a run this afternoon and like you my heart rate stays in about the 144 range as well..Today…well quite a different story..I could feel my body fighting against me and when I checked my HR it was 176 going up to 180! Whoa! I had to stop..I was on a flat surface no hills/steps and not quite 28 minutes in…I ran about 3.01 miles. It took me awhile to recover today. I was shaky and a little weak..BP was a little low too..second time it has happened in a few weeks. I have a 5k I’m registered for on tomorrow I rest.

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