Catching Dawn

Finally I managed to catch the sunrise at my favourite spot. I didn’t catch dawn … I need to do that on a medium run day!

Since I run 6 days per week  and really slow, I notice a lot of things. Things like how the tide influences my running and when I can beat it, as today. Tide was low which leads to beautiful soft sandy spots.

One of the things I know will keep me running is the joy of it. Sometimes those are awkward things … like “running in circles” or “hills“, but usually it’s enough to head to the beach. During winter it was easier to catch dawn and run into the sunrise obviously …

So when would I have to get up to have the full experience? At 4:31!!!



Dawn starts at


Duration Dawn


I left the house at 4:38 if I can believe my Garmin which I don’t even remember putting around my wrist. Luckily it had just started and I arrived at the right time. I prefer “the sun behind the clouds rising action”  over “pink fluffy happy dreamy no action”.

Yeah … one gets a bit picky about the perfect sunrise … so here are the photos:






22 Replies to “Catching Dawn”

  1. Beautiful photos! What a time to be getting out of bed though :p I see 4.31AM every now and again but only before bed! Second photo in (or 3rd if you count the main one at top) is that a sea beastie?

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    1. I don’t have kids … I don’t commute … I have the luxury of sleeping an hour after lunch if I want to and no clients are calling … I get up automatically as I am a morning person 🙂 so for me it is easy… sorry


      1. Lol! No need to apologise! I did think that an afternoon nap would be a good idea and if you are in charge of your own time why not? Morning is my favourite time too😊 In the past I have got up early to run and I have loved the peace and solitude but at the moment I’m prioritising sleep!

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      2. I don’t think without proper breaks I could do my work as efficient and as much. Fortunately for me I work with computers and not humans lol! That was before I discovered WordPress is a great place to spend my coffee breaks though …


  2. STUNNING!!!!
    I get up at 04:45 every morning… So often I just want to stop the car on my commute and take pics of gorrrrrgeous sunrises…
    Nothing beats the sun rising over the water though x enjoy!

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      1. I wake up at 04:45, I leave home no later than 05:45 and I start work at 06:30… So no, my commute is 45mins, but it’s purely out of choice…. I get to go home at 14:30 and that way I can pick my kid up from school and have a bit of a life…
        Luckily I’m a morning person 😊

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  3. WOW so early but you’re rewarded with those gorgeous sunrises.
    That’s one thing I wish I can eventually get into the habit of waking up early to catch a sunrise or two.

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      1. No, I’m not. I’m more of a night owl. Going to bed between 1 and 3 am was normal for me. I’m trying to go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier, at least that’s my idea. Didn’t want to make too many changes at the same time.
        But getting up early is on my ‘to change’ list.

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