They landed!

I found this fish while I was ~45 minutes into my run. I am pretty sure it wasn’t there before …

However todays run was fantastic. 1 hour and 45 minutes. I did manage to stick to the low heartrate for the first hour and 20 minutes … then there were the irresistible grass fields shimmering in the distance … you know the ones with fresh early morning grass that is taking in the sunrise … taunting me to dare and play … get my feet wet and possibly muddy …

Then … I thought about the fast finish long runs I read about and went through all the possible reasons why I need to keep it slow …

… I found some reasons … but by that time it was too late … I was running across the fields, sun just up and not too warm … threshold pace reached … oh look my favorite downhill part!!!

So … what shall I say. I hope for the best and try again next week? Call it a fast finish long run?

To the numbers: my current goal is to relax in regards to my food, only eat when I want, as long as I feel good and it is only fat that is lost, as I still got enough in the bank. Happy to see this is working and this week I lost some more fat and it is now at 27.6% – last week it was at 28.1%.

I also want to increase my running so that I reach 2 hours for my long runs. I felt really good this week with the gradual increase and might increase next week again. I just have to make sure that I stick to easy running and keep my resting heartrate in sight!!! How shall I do that? I have no idea …

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  1. Perhaps its just about finding the balance between the numbers and the emotional plasure of running? It can’t all the about the numbers all the time, just enjoy doing (a little) of what your heart says every now and again. Good for the soul! Also surely you would have noticed said fish before!

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    1. I think the numbers help me to ensure I don’t overdo things, which I tend to. If I didn’t have a certain set of rules I probably wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself consistently. Yes those rules have to be broken at times, which I frequently do and enjoy, but this blog is also away to make sure I don’t get injured or overlook something. I rather overthink than overtrain …

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  2. I think Gareth talks sense. I find the same thing, I get excited about a nice bit of scenery and before you know it your HR is 20 beats above plan! It’s got to be fun enough to keep going but resisting the temptation to wear yourself out. Ps that fish looks a bit ‘out of the water’? Is it water skiing?

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