Running on the beach – when the tide is in

I tried to catch the sunrise, but I got out a couple of minutes too late. I knew the tide was in … but I couldn’t resist the beach … I had 35 minutes to contemplate, why I usually avoid running there when the tide is in and what I love/hate about running on the beach. So here are my 10 points:

  1. It is a different surface every day.
  2. The tide is the boss, never think you can be faster …
  3. The tide does what it wants, but there are apps for it!
  4. Not all waves are equal.
  5. Pebbles suck and pebbles rock.
  6. It is a slanted surface.
  7. Though shall practise walking first before hopping, hopping before slopping and the you can run … slowly … maybe …
  8. Never look at the sun while you run, there might be a stone or hole or an iphone (hopefully the drunk teenager isn’t attached anymore), waiting to use the opportunity to surprise you.
  9. It looks marvelous, but that is a trick.
  10. Beware of the mighty wave! (Around every 7th is bigger than all others in it’s group)


Can’t wait for the one perfect run … when I make it to the beach early enough for sunrise … the tide being out and the sand soft, but not too soft … all pebbles washed away and my only task is to create the first footprints of the day … because then I’ll be flying and all is forgotten.

13 Replies to “Running on the beach – when the tide is in”

  1. This reminds me of the time I lived in the Middle East (*cough* 30 years ago *cough*) when a friend and I used to go running regularly, at dawn or dusk when it was cooler, along a stretch of beach that was several miles long, very flat, with fairly firm sand all the way. It was certainly the nicest running available!

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      1. I am not even managing to catch it at that time of year … how about we give you time until the end of a year? Surely there will be a nice chilly Saturday morning in late December … in some year?

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  2. Lovely post it almost (but not quite as I am exceptionally lazy in the mornings!) inspires me to get up before the sunrise and run along a beach. You have such a great contact with nature with your running I rarely have that. When I was a child and my parents rented a house in Barbados I was out on the beach at 6am every day. But alas with age my wake up times in the mornings have got later and later. Happy running!

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