In the drizzle zone!

Today I had a blast! A full blown rain had just washed the air clean when I headed out and there was that fresh rainy smell of all the spring flowers and trees.

I took particularly care to warm up by walking longer today to avoid the spike of sloth lol and only started once I had walked far enough to move my heartrate up to 120 plus. Then I fell into an easy pace and kept running at 143 pretty much undisirupted for one hour and 10 minutes. The funny thing is that I know my breathing rhytm so well by now, that I know just 2-3 seconds before the watch will vibrate …

Oh and then the drizzle! Don’t you just love it when the rain is just a drizzle? Just enough to ensure you don’t get to hot and it is not too wet to soak you!


5 Replies to “In the drizzle zone!”

  1. I’m so impatient for a steady run! But I’m being good. It’s great that you love the rain😄 Daylight drizzle is a million times better than driving icy stuff in the dark!!

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