Easy running into the sunrise

Didn’t have much time today, so I got up early to do another easy day of 35 minutes running.


I really need to get up earlier more often.

There is nothing that trumps a sunrise with clouds and the world waking up in the background.


No wait there is! Trying my shiny new trailrocs out. Summer you can come now!

12 Replies to “Easy running into the sunrise”

  1. What a lovely experience it must be being outside running on a beach when the sun is rising. I rarely see the sun rise as I don’t usually get up till 9.30! But my beautiful office which is glass and looks onto a big gorgeous roof terrace is East facing and when I do get up early I have a brilliant view of the sun rising..

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    1. Now that the sun is up so early I rarely make it myself … wish I had an east facing office … and generally more glass lol. We can’t have everything πŸ˜‰ I guess that is what makes it fun. Perfect would be so boaring.


  2. I love how you said easy 35 minute run! I only hope I can say that one day!! And what a beautiful place to run! I’d probably run a lot more if that was my back drop!! πŸ˜‰

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