To the hill be it sun or hail

… or actually both! Today had it all. All kinds of weather- think 4 seasons in a run including hail, rain and sun. There was the beach, stairs of hell and hills, as well as way too many tourists! Today is a bank holiday and so I took a day off and waited till the tide was out – clever me … or so I thought. Same idea as dozens of other folks had …

Anyhow … I feel I am not getting faster hiking up the hill so I am curious how this will feel after a rest week.

1 hour and 10 minutes done, all around an average heartrate of 141.

5 Replies to “To the hill be it sun or hail”

  1. Are you heart rate training for anything in particular? I’m so curious about this, predominantly because I struggle with it and can’t get my head around it

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      1. Well I tried to run in a lower heart rate as adviced by a friend of mine. I’d read an article about it improving recovery fitness etc (I think that’s what it said) but it was so painfully slow I convinced myself I was doing it wrong.
        I guess because I don’t understand the science I don’t really know what I’m doing.

        Will read that blog now. And I LOVE the idea of s trail ultra. You have my complete respect for that X

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