Me, my new toy and slow running

Today I took my new toy – a running watch – for a spin. First we went walking up a hill as a warmup and the we did some rounds in the park … the tide was still too high to hit the beach. After a while I decided to visit Druids chair:


I continued up the hill …


I just love soft trails with roots and stones to keep me alert.

… and I love a bit of a view!


I got lucky on the way back and the tide was just in the right place, so I could run back home on the beach.

All in all a great success. The watch vibrated if I left my zone of slowness, I was able to see my heartrate at a glance and didn’t have to listen every minute to stupid announcements.

Now all I have to do is keep doing what I do …  run slow!

Oh … today I did 2 hours including walking hills etc at an average hr of 135! This includes warmup walking and cool down, that is why the average is so low.


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