I take it back

It obviously isn’t summer quite … 0°celsius … but it surely is just around the corner.

What can you do? Put on the layers and have a blast of course!

35 minutes of slow running at an average heartrate of 141. I am getting the hang of this now and ran all purely by feel. Can’t believe how easy it has become …can this be it? Is it that simple?

On another note … now that I am maintaining my weight I feel I have to eat sooo much! Also while I am managing to keep my target weight I notice the fat percentage decrease and muscle increase … nothing out of the ordinary I suppose, but I am curious how this will continue to develop.

10 Replies to “I take it back”

  1. I don’t understand heart rate training. When I run with people slower my heart rate still says peak even bough I am comfortable ….. I’m missing something lol

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    1. It does for me … I have no explanation, but track it all. If you want stats I’m happy to share them … however I switched to plant-based food and pretty cook everything from scratch since around 6 months. This also impacts it probably, but I am quite fascinated by the result and all the data.


      1. I’m tracking my stats too, weight and body fat. The weight has started to creep off since giving up sugar, but the body fat is slower to adjust. I’ve gone low carb, which means meat fish and veg, but have realised that it needs to be more veg for the vitamins! I tried vegan a couple of years ago (just because I like to try things!) which was fine for me but not great for the family as my son has a nut allergy. it really opened my eyes to how many animal products are in food, I found it virtually impossible to get a meal in a cafe.

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      2. I think the trick is in eating whole foods and eating enough – not so much if it is animal or plant based. I don’t think it would be as easy if I had a child to feed or had to go work in the real world.
        Though I couldn’t live without my carbs! I started tracking again for a week now and carbs are the biggest percentage.


      3. i think you are right about the whole foods aspect. Fortunately my son is not a fussy eater and has inherited his dad’s take it or leave it approach to sweet stuff. But they both look a bit disappointed if I serve them up with ratatouille and a baked potato.! People have such funny preconceived ideas about what should be in a meal!

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      4. I also find it takes time to adjust to the taste. 5 years ago I hated sweet potatoes or kale … now I am completely addicted – same with sushi. I hated it, but had to have it again soon. Suppose it is about the body learning what to do with it and trying it multiple times in different ways.

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