Slow 35 – increasing duration

My phone has been behaving badly in regards to helping me with the low heartrate training, this had been going on for too long and so I decided to get more serious about it all.

So I ordered a new running watch!!! It’s last years model so I didn’t go overboard, but after a year of consistent running I thought I’d treat myself.

Until it arrives I have to listen to my body … it works somewhat okish. I find if I stick to nose breathing it keeps me slow enough.

I also decided too increase duration as I felt a bit under challenged and gotten used to it. So I added 5 minutes to my easy run today.

4 Replies to “Slow 35 – increasing duration”

      1. That’s a good idea. I’m sure my watch has that or maybe it beeps but in useless with technology. I’m surprised I manage to get on here lol

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      2. I am a tech person, but it doesn’t change that! I think beeping could be quite annoying though, better not change a running system (no pun intended)! I’m hoping the vibrating is more like a little nudge lol.


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