Finally … I am back again

In the beginning of a running preventing thing (flue … stiff neck) it is the hardest to not go run. Then as I get used to my bad mood, the urge decreases … and as I start feeling better I’ve gotten used to not running. The fights with the demons of lazyness begins.

I am glad that I know this from years of starting to run and stopping because of such a thing. Today when there was really no more niggle in my neck, I bit the bullet and went out for a run again.

Finally … I am back again.

7 Replies to “Finally … I am back again”

  1. Yep – getting back to running is so difficult when you’re out for over a week. It’s like you’re content not moving. And when you do move, it’s hard! All the more reason to get back up. Happy for you!

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  2. I know exactly where you are coming from. I recently had a chest infection which put me out of action for nearly two weeks and it was difficult to drag myself away from Netflix long enough to go for a run when the time came to get back out there.

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  3. Congratulations that you are back again! But you are so right on the need to take it easy when you have an injury or flu. I love high impact cardio workouts at the gym and am totally incapable of not pushing myself to the utter limit every time I do a workout. So when I’m sick and carry on going to the gym it just makes me very ill and sometimes I have to leave half way through a class. If I could take it easy and do the easier options it wouldn’t be so bad but I am so competitive at the gym!

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