My Top Torture Devices that keep me running

Here is my top list of things I wouldn’t want to miss and that I collected over the years.

Let me introduce you to my top hated device THE MIGHTY SPIKEY. That’s the cute blue ball, although it comes in different colors and sizes … Top tip: if you introduce your ass gluteus maximus to it for the first time, make sure your neighbors are out or they might call the police. If this is to hardcore, you might start with a tennis ball. Now Spikeys also appear in pairs. Put two of them together and feel your hips wanting to dance again or your spine break – your choice of pleasure. Advice from a professional pilates teacher is strongly advised.


I think every runner knows THE FOAM ROLLER by now. Just google to not treat your IT band with it and find the power within yourself to role your quads.

Next is THE STICK and something I couldn’t live without either. Until I had a stick I used THE ROLLING PIN, although I never got my calves to be doughy enough …

Bonus points for THE BALL which is inflatable via a straw and makes elevating bodyparts nice after all the torture. Combined with either a hold/cold pack or FROZEN PEAS I get through any niggle I have encountered yet …


What are your secret torture devices for restoring your running mana?

8 Replies to “My Top Torture Devices that keep me running”

    1. Lol! I wish I could. No I actually use them more if I feel something creeping up – like tense calves – or after a really long run to help things recover. At the right time one of them might do magic, but usually just lie around.

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