Me, my new toy and slow running

Today I took my new toy – a running watch – for a spin. First we went walking up a hill as a warmup and the we did some rounds in the park … the tide was still too high to hit the beach. After a while I decided to visit Druids chair:


I continued up the hill …


I just love soft trails with roots and stones to keep me alert.

… and I love a bit of a view!


I got lucky on the way back and the tide was just in the right place, so I could run back home on the beach.

All in all a great success. The watch vibrated if I left my zone of slowness, I was able to see my heartrate at a glance and didn’t have to listen every minute to stupid announcements.

Now all I have to do is keep doing what I do …  run slow!

Oh … today I did 2 hours including walking hills etc at an average hr of 135! This includes warmup walking and cool down, that is why the average is so low.



So happy that salad is making now more of an appearance in the weekly boxes including cucumbers and lovely radishes!

Adding in olive oil and grilled veg plus starch aka potatoes, I am hoping this satisfies my increased needs due to the running.

Never thought it can be so hard to keep weight up!

Happy about any suggestions on how to do this, as long  as it’s not sweet.

I take it back

It obviously isn’t summer quite … 0°celsius … but it surely is just around the corner.

What can you do? Put on the layers and have a blast of course!

35 minutes of slow running at an average heartrate of 141. I am getting the hang of this now and ran all purely by feel. Can’t believe how easy it has become …can this be it? Is it that simple?

On another note … now that I am maintaining my weight I feel I have to eat sooo much! Also while I am managing to keep my target weight I notice the fat percentage decrease and muscle increase … nothing out of the ordinary I suppose, but I am curious how this will continue to develop.

Slow 35 – increasing duration

My phone has been behaving badly in regards to helping me with the low heartrate training, this had been going on for too long and so I decided to get more serious about it all.

So I ordered a new running watch!!! It’s last years model so I didn’t go overboard, but after a year of consistent running I thought I’d treat myself.

Until it arrives I have to listen to my body … it works somewhat okish. I find if I stick to nose breathing it keeps me slow enough.

I also decided too increase duration as I felt a bit under challenged and gotten used to it. So I added 5 minutes to my easy run today.

The Engine

Today I took my legs out for a nice longish run. Sometimes when slow running now, it feels like an engine and I have to put in no effort to keep it rolling.

That does not include hills though.


Can’t believe one year ago I had started to run for a minute and now I think of 2 hours as a quick thing that I do on Saturday mornings.


Are you all enjoying the nice spring day?