Hills are my new friends here’s why

I went back to the hills and it works beautifully. I finally found a way to stay sane with the low heatrate training … at least I think so. I have to hike/walk if it is too steep, but at least I get to keep a low heartrate and get fitter and it does not feel as stupid as walking on the beach. Hiking between tree roots and slippery stones is also much more entertaining for the mind. The big bonus it to get to run with really fast pace downhills! After nearly a year of pebble hopping and hills in neutral shoes I can do this without any issues, my feet seem to be super strong. This is sooo much fun! Also … the views are just a treat.

All in all including warmup and cool down I played for 2 hours. I am thinking about increasing time next week … the sun is up much earlier these days and it would be nice to catch the sunrise on top of the hill …

What adventures are you up to this weekend?

5 Replies to “Hills are my new friends here’s why”

  1. Um, if my hill views were anything like that, they’d be my favorite too!

    Unfortunately for me, living in suburbia, IL means flat-lands and man-made “hills” that overlook busy streets! However, my races are also (usually) flat!

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