Don’t tell on me!

Today I went out of my way to distract from my total failure to run at a low heartrate. Or was going up the hill to see the sunrise the reason for the high heartrate?

Oh what am I doing complaining … here quickly look:


Now I again had a blast … can you still bear reading about my happiness? It goes on: I have no niggles and sunrise is before 7am. I walked for about 10-15 minutes then ran/played with the waves, pebbles, rocks for an hour until it was time to cool down on the way home.

Tomorrow I will hopefully find a way to slow down my heartrate … until then I hope everyone that can run and isn’t injured enjoys the heck out of it!

11 Replies to “Don’t tell on me!”

  1. Hi! Glad to find you. I’m trying to run to heartrate too, it’s not easy to keep it down and I end up doing a lot of walking! I love your beautiful sunrise pictures too.

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