Playtime! The magic is out there.

Yes you guessed right I had a fab time at the beach hopping across pebbles and enjoying the sunrise …


So let’s enjoy the fluffy clouds, subtle shades and sprinkling waves and ignore the heartrate!

Btw. don’t take anything I say as advice I have no clue just fun.

20 Replies to “Playtime! The magic is out there.”

    1. Sometimes that seems to be needed. We should put up a list for top 10 excuses to have fun while running! Soul, sunrise, clouds, patches of soft sand, wind in the right direction and waves that chase you should be on top.

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      1. Fab idea! I wil write a blog about the 10 things hat keep me going later lol….. All food related probably Hahahaha

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      2. Not always although I am a foodie. What motivates me? Depends on the day. Sometimes it’s I want to be faster, sometimes I want to go further, sometimes I want to go out and conquer a hill I have been struggling with. Other times I just want to run and catch up with a friend and get a coffee on our way home. It’s all relevant to the time, the day, the way I feel. If I’ve booked a race it can be about achieving that distance. The trail run was about just getting out there testing myself on different terrain. What makes me run? Who knows! I just know if I don’t there is a part of my brain that I can not passify until I do. And if I find it painful or difficult can’t let it go, it bothers me until I run again and prove to myself it was a blip and I am a real runner…. Long answer lol sorry

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      1. I hope you haven’t got my hopes up in vain young lady as its still blah here, ok I have no patience. And give me my low tides back while youre at it!

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