My first pair of shoes

It was over 10 years ago when I first tried to start running again.

I had no clue … all I knew was I had to buy shoes in a real store. This was quite difficult for me, being obese and having no clue …

What I knew is, that I wanted to be back running.

Running, when I was younger had been my stress relief. I ran until I was around the age of 16 and moved to the states for a year. That was also when I began to put on weight … but that’s another blog post topic for the future I might title ‘SAD changes’ 😉

So there I was … in this running store in some German city, intimidated by the treadmill they asked me to step on to, to test my gait. Was I an over pronator? They poked around on my feet and did some weird other things to assess my arch height and what not. I got might confused, but thoroughly impressed by their expert knowledge.

In the end I left the store happy, with a new pair of Brooks. I felt like a runner.

Years later I realized the shoes didn’t quite fit me and that my initial struggles through hurting toes/feet/knees while shuffling around “the lake” after work where mostly due to the shoes and not entirely because I was an unfit obese being or had weird knees.

I still have those shoes and I did love them for quite some years. Through all the times I had started to become a runner, they had been there for me to take out. I did have one less excuse.

 Do you remember your first pair? What was it like? Do you still have them?

12 Replies to “My first pair of shoes”

  1. My first running trainers were a £14 pair of garish blue and yellow Nike trainers bought from Sports Direct, directly from the shelves without testing them on a treadmill. In my defence was I was 280lbs, pretty sure I would have given up running by the time the weekend ended and didn’t want to waste too much money on them.

    They ended up doing about 200 miles before they finally came unglued and having to be thrown in the skip. They served me well and I definitely got my moneys worth out of them.

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  2. I found going to a “proper” running shop quite intimidating as A im a buy the first thing I see so I can go home kinda person and B at the time I knew nothing about running. Luckily I went to Run and Become in Cardiff and the assistant there was incredibly patient and helpful. Ended up with shoes I may stockpile lol For the record im still crap at shopping

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    1. I am completely hooked on my 3 different types of inov8s, probably because they all offer a huge toebox! I guess for me the minimalism type of shoe is best. When I started again I did use Nike, the originals I think?, but had to get male shoes and couldn’t find them again … this time around I ordered online by chance because somehow inovs trailrocs yelled at me. I got lucky I guess and now have 2 other types … one for beach, one for road and one for trails. I need more soon …

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      1. Good work finding a good set that work for you. And of course hang in there for the rest of the year. Sounds like you’re going to have lots of fun. Best wishes.

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