Mission: Energy

With all the energy bar recipe talk over in Wales and tons of nuts left for processing I decided to go for an experiment on my own. I decided to throw together all thing I long for and must go. The final taste worked well. What did I end up using?

Heated up: coconut oil, maple syrup, chunky peanut butter and cacao butter.

Chopped: almonds and hazelnuts

Dry stuff mixed: blended hazelnut lefovers, blended almonds, blueberry chia seeds, raw cacao powder,coconut flakes, ground flaxseeds and cacao seeds

Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg and salt

I like to roll out my energy bar mix on wax paper with a rolling pin and put it in the fridge before cutting and packaging.

Huge pile of pasta

To fight any potential weight loss (yeah that’s me typing this rofl) and because I’m lazy I just made a huge pile of pasta. Ok it’s whole wheat, but this should fix it!

A few notes … whole wheat pasta only sucks until you are used to it … I’ve been through a similar process with nutritional yeast. Now I can’t live without. Same happened to sushi!

Follow the yellow man

Rain means adventure I wouldn’t pursue otherwise as I’d miss out on the sea, beach, hills or other things I know, but want to enjoy if the weather is neat.

I had recently learned about the Dublin mountain way and the beginning is ‘just’ in running distance.

Off I went in search for the yellow man marking the trail. Got lucky and enjoyed nearly 2 hours of getting soaked.

It does look promising, check out their link: