It’s getting better

The sun is getting up much earlier these days and so am I. Did a slow 40 minutes up and down the beach which treated me with soft sand and a calm sea.

It is easier to stick to the low heartrate and I think I recovered nicely from the flu. How can I still stick with this? In my head, comes summer, I’ll be much faster albeit the still low heartrate. At least keeping this image in my head helps me with it … and that’s a my goal for now … run long hours in the summer and discover more of Ireland’s hidden trail treasures.

On a different topic: Nessy is doing great!


6 Replies to “It’s getting better”

  1. I knew it – the truth is out there! Nessy plus family this morning! Looks like it was a beautiful morning to run, perfect here on this side of the channel – except i’m at work! So I can’t wait to get home and out and spot some mythical beasties!

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  2. It’s beautiful the coastline where you run – I can see why you get yourself up so early and push yourself to run despite the cold. It must be much better with the lighter mornings, I can’t imagine running in the cold and dark would be much fun!

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    1. Wearing now 2 double layered socks I am actually ok with the cold. The benefit of running so slow is I don’t really get too warm and therefore can wear my 5 layers of winter clothing without having to strip down too much if that makes any sense! No wind is also a plus on the no freeze front so it does feel a bit like summer.


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