A lala day

Today was a lala day. What is a lala day you ask? A lala day is a misty day … a cold day … a rainy day with wind that feels like gale force icicles. A day when I have to sing in my head loud ‘la la la la la’ to not succumb to the evil voices of those excuse demons living in my head.

While they say things like ‘a rest day a week is fine why not switch today with Sunday’ or ‘just stay inside think about the productive hour of work you can sneak in’ I sing ‘la la la’ while getting dressed into my running gear.

Now after one hour I can say ‘ha ha ha told you so’ it sucked it the beginning, got much better in the middle, I was flying in the end and now I feel better for it and will be way more productive the whole day. Take that demons!

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