Slow rising

The sun as well as my heartrate were slowly rising. Averaged 138 for 30 minutes.


I’m happy with how things are developing. With a few super slow runs under my belt I am much more used to slogging and leaving my ego at home. I was never fast to begin with and it will not only develop a solid base, but also improve my discipline and consistency in other areas as well. At least that is what I keep telling myself and it did work so far.

5 Replies to “Slow rising”

  1. I was wondering about the monitoring of the heartrate and deliberate slow pacing to keep it down. Is it part of a training plan to build a base to slowly upping things due to injury? I admit I have no training plan at all so am intrigued!

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    1. It’s not due to injury rather than me trying to prevent it, as well as learning from past mistakes. I’ll write a post relating to this if I get the time as it deserves more space than a comment does. I’m not good on a plan and it’s more about figuring out rough rules to follow.

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