Gotta have bad runs to appreciate the good ones

This is what I tell myself being back from my ‘long run’ which I cut short, starring at my bloody knee. And no … I’m not cursing my knee, my knee is bleeding.

No nothing serious, just a scratch, but it ended my otherwise quite bad slog 40 minutes earlier than planned – better safe than sorry!

Not sure what was wrong, just one of those rare bad days I guess, but the only thing that got me out of the house was switching into my running gear and then it was too warm to stay inside …

The weather was great and the tide was perfect. I had a couple of moments when I did enjoy myself and as I got lost in my thoughts I hit an icy patch when crossing a wooden bridge … well … glad nothing serious happened. 50 minutes is better than nothing at all and you know what? My mood is terrific now, despite the bloody knee!

Oh and I forgot to mention the best thing: I actually managed a new lowest average heartrate of 138 for those 50 minutes. Times are changing!

2 Replies to “Gotta have bad runs to appreciate the good ones”

  1. Could have been a lot worse! Keep an eye on the knee, I went over on a root a while back and gave it a bang and it still plays up now. Glad the mood is terrific and gratz on the heartrate!

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  2. Congratulations! You must be becoming fitter if your heart rate is going down so your hard work must be paying off. Well done for even running 50 minutes with the bloody knee, although I am with you on the need to push on despite the pain. After a break from exercise I injured myself during a step aerobics class and was hardly able to walk. Still I kept training doing high impact jumping all the time. Until I actually couldn’t walk at all and had to stop training and move in with the physiotherapist!

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