That’s what I’m talking about

The whole weekend I was looking forward to this. Low tide and no rain and I was indeed rewarded with some pretty amazing scenery.

My resting heartrate was also back in the low 50s instead of 80s – happy times. I think I also learned my lessons and now just have deal with the consequences and get myself to take care of my core strength etc … we’ll see how that goes.

I did 30 minutes of super slow running, so slow in fact that I didn’t even break a sweat. For me this is progress! My knees said ‘hello’ a couple of times, but it didn’t hurt and no sharp pain was involved. I did enjoy myself immensly, despite the need to slog as slow as a snail.

We’ll see how they behave during the day. I shall be doing some foam rolling later on and need to get serious about injury prevention.

If all is good I get to enjoy 1 hour tomorrow.

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