Screw this plan!

Where do I start?

Probably with the new year and how my old plan led to the new plan and why I am back at the old plan.

I think I wrote before that I had created an Endomondo plan way back when and that it started on the first of January. The new distances matched well with what I had done before and I kind of like having notifications tell me what to do, as well as seeing nice green check-marks etc. But I should have known myself better … I am not yet ready for this stuff! I do need a plan, but I need flexibility as well. I am also really bad at holding myself back and running slow and keeping my hear-rate down.

So long story short, the new plan led me to overdo things. At least that is what I think happened.  I ran way to fast and my hear-rate was through the roof. Not on my 2 hour run, but on my weekly runs. In the beginning of the week, I felt the drawback when my knee starting hurting ever so slightly again and there is a spot on the other knee that hurts when touched. So I backed off and didn’t run for two days as well as doing Pilates for 45 minutes on one of the days. So today I was itching to go back and test the waters.

I am super scared to get injured and so I took it super slow, but I knew from the start that something was off. My heart-rate was 139 and I was only doing my warm-up walk. I am proud to say, that I learned from my past mistakes and just did a super slow 25 minute slog to the supermarket to get some fuel/medicine (avocados and eggplants yummy!). My knees didn’t hurt, but something else seems to be going on, so I didn’t want to put too much stress on my system. Such a pity, because it is a beautiful day, even the sun is making an appearance.

What has happened?

For the past months I was following Barry P’s plan with great success. My heart-rate was going down for the same pace and I was running longer and longer. When I switched to the new plan I made two mistakes: Increasing the duration/distance as well as not holding back and not running slow enough.

Now all I can do is rest tomorrow, eat a lot of nice things that help my body repair itself and hoping that I can go back to Barry’s plan next week, taking it super slow again.

Another thought is that maybe 30:60:90 is my threshold for now. 30:60:90 means that I do 3 times 30 minutes, twice one hour and one 1.5 hour long run per week.

I do know that I can do this (if I am slow enough) and not get hurt. So next week, unless things act up, I’m back on my old plan.

One more though is that I just neglected my core strength etc a bit too much. Besides this week I actually can’t remember when I did Pilates the last time 😦

Other possible reasons include: wearing my shiny new inovs a bit too much and my old ones too little, increased stress through work, jumping through mud puddles (this is soo much fun, if you are already dirty why not enjoy it!)  …

Ok … typing all of this make it quite obvious doesn’t it? It’s not one of those reasons … it is all of them combined. How could I be so stupid?

Why can I still be proud of this?

I am not really injured, it’s just a little thing and I am listening to my body. Previously I would have just ignored my heart-rate, overdone it and got really injured as well as then side-lined for a long time and not gotten back into it for months. I also didn’t have a blog to reflect and other blogs to read and obsess over!

So this is what I am going to do: Catch up on everybody else’s blog and adventures, cook some nice baba ganush with the eggplants I hunted down and look forward to next week when I can SLOWLY go back to doing my thing – hunting down the most beautiful sunrises while slogging around!

Have a nice weekend guys and don’t forget to take it easy and enjoy your long runs for all of us that can’t!

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