A new beginning

… with an old friend the wind.

Today was a new beginning. Not only because of the new year. At some time a while back I had played around with setting up a training plan for a half marathon. Not that I plan to run one but I liked the idea of a structured training phase. Last year I had tested different apps to plan and track my running, but I always keep going back to endomondo. It just does what I need and got used to it. Anyhow … I had setup this plan and it started today. I also had forgotten about it until an icon reminded me. Since the plan does auto calculate it works well with my current 6 days a week rhythm.

So today I did an easy 20 minutes. 10 minutes super fast and super easy (wind is awesome) and 10 not so easy and super slow (wind is nasty).

Tomorrow it says 2 hours … not sure how  I feel about that but I better not obsess over it. Better to use that energy and look for a nice route. Might it be possible to plan something that allows me to run with the wind in my back for ~15 km or would that be cheating?

4 Replies to “A new beginning”

    1. Hi! I actually have no idea what trees those are I will have to look it up now. This is Ireland 🙂 enjoy the running! Just catching up with your blog. Love your writing and outlook after such a big change in your life.

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  1. I admire your commitment to running. If an app told me to run for two hours I would decide I had the wrong app! I can do an hour a time of exercise, 45 minutes tops of running on the treadmill as it’s boring. Yes I think you should definitely have the wind behind you for a two hour run, it will make it much more pleasurable and you will feel a greater sense of achievement from the extra distance travelled. Running long distances is not on my agenda this year, but I do want to do Transformational Breathing and Mindfulness as everyone I know meditates except me! http://bit.ly/1ER5cLY

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