Still alive – 8 months of running

Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while. While I haven’t been blogging I have been running quite a lot.

And to get me back on track to blogging what is a better way than to review the progress I have made. This is also what actually motivates me to blog! I looked over my past entries and saw how far I have already come. So I need to ensure it stays that way in the future.

So here goes my summary:

The boring part – my weight

Since starting in April this year I lost 14% of my weight and 12% of that are fat! Wow … I gained also 2% of muscle. Now take that for whatever it means as I didn’t get any professional measurements done. I am and have for years been using a old scale that also shows percentages. Since it was going down/up I am happy enough with that as far as accuracy goes!

So in summary my weight is now at a point where I don’t worry about it. I still check it weekly, just to track it … I am super happy with that and am sure it will go down even further, or as much as my body needs/feels healthy. I’m still eating a vegan diet and have not yet any desire to switch. It is just way too delicious and keeps me incredibly healthy!

The interesting part – my running

Reading back through my old entries, I realise how far I’ve come … when I started blogging I struggled with running a full hour. I then switched to running 6 times a week and got my running durations up while keeping the pace easy. Who am I kidding … pace was super slow alright, but easy … I can’t lie about my heart rate monitor … it however most of the times did feel easy and good though.

Over the past months I go used to witness the most incredible sunrises. Going out there just when the sun is rising and everybody else is waking up is amazing and switching to 6 times a week made it a routine I now can’t miss!


By now I am still running 6 times a week with one day of rest. I am up to running 3 times for 30 minutes (my easy days), 2 times for 1 hour and 1 day for 90 minutes.

Right now it’s a recovery week and the first time in a month I am not running for 2 days in a row! I can’t believe the amount of energy I have – I guess that’s why I had to blog about running again.

Oh and yes – I am still slow, but I can see my pace improving!


April: 09:24

August: 06:41

December: 6:21


April: I couldn’t run 5k … are you kidding?

August: 40:33

December: 37:43

1 hour

April: ….

August: 7.09k

December: 7.63k

All of the above was without any racing and mostly easy/moderate pace. I just pull the numbers from my stats page. Looking at all the numbers though makes we want to know how fast I could run when running with others!

While doing all the running I have also become quite addicted to reading running blogs. It is so motivating to read what others accomplish each day I don’t even know where to start!

So how have you all been?

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