Long run – Recovery here I come

I did my long run on the weekend and it was great.

This week will be my ‘recovery’ week and I will do 20:40:60.

So far I am also super delighted with changing to plant-based food. I guess I needed the switch. It is hard to explain, but since rethinking the way I eat I enjoy food and cooking again. It also overall feels much cleaner and lighter.

66 minutes and then some

My run yesterday was great. 66 minutes and more done. Basically I was out all day hiking running walking. It was great. Also I am on the third day of trying out a plant based diet. Not sure how long I will do this. It is an exiperiment. I comitted to 7 days. So far it has been a win. I did replace milk with Almond milk and I am ok with it. I don’t like soy so this was a big one for me.

Today I did a restday, so tomorrow is the next week and I just realised that I have to decide if I want to increase by 10% or stay where I am. I do feel good and I think I’ll increase. So it will be 24 minutes tomorrow!


Finally I think I am in good enough shape to run slow enough! I was able to my 22 minutes of easy slow running and my heartrate didn’t go over 145.

I think now I can really say that I am following Barry’s plan from slowtwitch and I am looking foward to see its effects. It is hard to run so slow, but I know this is the right way.