1 hour morning run

I have to admit I am quite pleased. I ran 1 hour with only one 30 second break around 30 minutes because of rocks as I had to switch from beach to trail.

This week I ran 3 times and a total of 24 km. I also ran most of it!!!

I am still super slow, but I don’t care or to be honest at least I try to not care.

As mentioned before, I followed the endomondo 5k beginner plan and after completing it I switched to Andrew Read’s fabulous plan found here: http://breakingmuscle.com/running/a-week-by-week-guide-to-becoming-a-runner-later-in-life-and-or-safely

This is what he says: ‘While it may seem like it’s a long way to get there, trust me when I say if you’re taking up running later in life (and sorry to say but that is 35+) this will be an injury free way to get you to running non-stop for an hour. ‘

So this brings me to the end of his phase 1 and I am now supposed to run twice 1 hour during the week and starting with one hour on the weekend. The weekend run will become my long run and will be 2 hours long at some point. This phase will take 6 months. In a way I am scared, as it sound long and tedious, but this is what I want right?

This plan brought me to 1 hour of running and no injuries!!! I was sick for a week in the middle, but just picked up where I was and went on with the plan. I never felt it was too much and really took care to take all the rest days.

This time I also changed other factors: I always walk 5 minutes before and after, I don’t stetch but use a foam roller, I switched to neutral running shoes and I run on mixed terrain – mostly beach, gras, trail and dirt road with the odd street in the middle. I also started walking and hiking. I am not quite sure but I think this is the longest I’ve been running without a forced break. So despite my super slow progress I am still running!

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