4 months of running – stats

To try and keep me motivated I tracked my stats from the beginning. This is what I had missed in the times I tried to become a runner before. I hope this will give me the long-term motivation I need. After 4 months I can already see improvements.

I want to mention that yes I am super slow and I don’t focus on getting faster as I think this will only lead to injury and I am hoping speed will develop magically lol. In the first 2 months I also tracked calories and macro-nutrients. I stopped after I reached my first milestone and had lost 4 kg. I maintained this now for nearly 3 months without counting calories or missing out on anything. My goal is to get to a healthy weight. I guess I’ll have to start tracking my food and water intake again to get there – yikes!

  April May June July August
Resting Heartrate 74 63 52
Blood Pressure 116/85 120/86 112/85 110/78
Weight kg
88.3 86 84
BMI 28.8 27.7
Fat % 34.4 33.1
Muscle % 32.2 32.4
1 km 00:09:24 00:07:49 00:07:39 00:07:23 00:06:41
5 km 00:53:38 00:42:26 00:40:33
1 hour 5.10km 7.06km 7.09km

Time improvement on 1 km


Distance covered in one hour running


Weight and Calories expenditure


So those are my stats. I am curious to see how it will look another 4 months down the road.

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