Yesterday my run didn’t happen as I realized I had forgotten to get my kit out of the washer the day before. Sure I have loads of kit, but this is my favourite kit so I took it as a sign and went for a rest day. It is rest week anyhow! 

Today I visited an old friend:


During day time it looks less spooky! If you forgot, it was made by a local artist out of old farming equipment that had been used to maintain the park!

Also was astonished that the ducks were thinking I would carry food for them on my run, why else would they come so close? 

They turned back when they didn’t get anything. 

Just a bit over 5k and still struggling with the right shoes for the road … low tide were are you in the morning when I need you? Next week ok?

Btw. Gareth I think you might be up to something with the GTX thing … despite sole change there is heat  build-up like in a GTX shoe. I don’t think they should be GTX … but what do I know all those shoes and new features and acronyms make my head spin.


Snail pace and burning soles

I am working on befriending my new road shoes … it has been our third run together now.

It hasn’t been a smooth tide so far. Finally after testing  another pair of socks I think I figured it out. It was at a point mid run when I thought I had gotten plantar fasciitis or something else was burning my soles. Maybe a tiny devil was hiding in the shoes holding a flame thrower towards my soles?

Anyhow … I ripped off my shoes and realized they were super hot and my socks wet. I took apart the shoes and realized that the soles are not the usual inov8 type of soles, but different material. As soon as I took them out my feet were able to breathe again and the devil had disappeared. 

I also met my new running buddy:

We agreed on the same pace.



Just listen to those guys having a feast at low tide!

Other than that I enjoyed a slow easy run. No spectacular dawn today, but look at those clouds!

I did however spot the rusty machine again. I think it moved again!


Enjoy the holidays and tell me what you are up to! On a second thought … you could also just blog about it and link it up here if you feel like it!


Hill, birds and rocks

The title says it all. The pictures shall do the rest:




What a way to start the day! Hope you enjoy yours.

Btw. remember the spotted game? I think it’s time to play again! I got 3 tags in today, how many can you spot on your next adventure?

I couldn’t dig up my list so here is Paula’s summary and entry:


What’s in a name

I’ve been thinking a while now why I chose the name “slowrunnergirl” and if it is a good fit. Spoiler: of course it is!

What’s in the name?

The name consists of three parts. Slow isn’t just about the speed, it is also about taking the time to do the necessary things. Like slow food, slow running is much more than just the words itself. Now comes the hard part. Girl! It isn’t about my age. It is more about the feeling I want to have while running. No worries in the world, no obligations and exist just in the moment, flying while I carry a smile.

Right, now that this is clarified, there can’t be a post without a picture. Today’s picture is my* brand new manifesto!

A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. (source)


That is of course if you are not currently running the MdS or one of the big upcoming races! Then … all bets are off and I wouldn’t have a clue anyway.



For the views

No not the WordPress views … these views:

And a bonus find:

I also ran up half the stairs of hell (I crawled the rest) and back up the hill. Slow but steady and with a smile, contrasting my heart rate … but one thing after the other. 

Enjoy your day!


DOMs at Dawn

Today I took my DOMs that were a result of my little adventure on Saturday up and down my beach.

So worth it! And I am actually surprised that I feel much better now.

Hope this was enough to kick me back into my habit. Oh … and I ordered new road shoes, but ssh don’t tell anyone!